Lexi: Crud…now I’m going to be on the lookout for spider all night T_T

(Mod): Hey everyone! I made an update! yayyy (SCREAMS INTERNALLY  AT HOW LONG IT SHOULDN’T HAVE TAKEN)

But in all seriousness I really do apologize for being so inactive and I hope to shell out updates at a way faster rate than before. I can’t promise weekly updates since school just started but dammit I’m going to at least try to update every 10 days if I’ve got the time to spare! Also I just want to give a big thanks to everyone for sticking around during my hiatus when the times got slow. All of you wonderful people are what really motivates this sloth of a mod to bring in new content just for you lovely followers.

So expect new and grand projects in the near future from Ask Lexi Bite!


Lexi Bite Mod c:

P.S.  Go give some love to this little cutie right here if you’ve got the time. :D http://askcurlycue.tumblr.com/  WARNING: YOUR HEART AND EYES MAY EXPLODE FROM AN OVERLOAD OF CUTENESS, THESE SYMPTOMS ARE NORMAL WHEN VIEWING CURLYCUE SO DON’T FREAK OUT.

Jeez…why’d she have to go all crazy again…”sigh”…


ok you can stay…T^T

I’ll call you…pinky…zzzZZZZzzzzz….

Lexi: “wait…I was close!?”

(Mod): Hello everyone!, today’s update is featuring a fellow tumblr users OC, cloud skipper! ^w^  http://ask-sexy-cloud-skipper.tumblr.com/

Love ya mom



More asks means more updates so don’t be shy! c:

More asks means more updates so don’t be shy! c:

I’m sure I’ll paint there again someday…I just hope it looks the same…

(Mod Here) : Sorry for the late updates everyone. Things have been hectic and I’ve been a lazy punk lately. Stuffs going to change though today! Regular updates will happen every week from now on, and i just want to throw a big thank you out to every single one of you wonderful peeps out there following me and i hope you enjoy the ride of wherever Lexi Bite’s life will take us! Thank you all, seeya! c: